Mikron Theatre Co

Mikron are a small scale travelling theatre company that move about the country on their Narrow Boat ‘Tysley’ during their summer tour and by road during the Autumn. To learn more about Mikron click on the link.

Between 2009 and 2013 I worked with Mikron during their rehearsal periods. First in a trainee role helping them to make their costumes and later being costume designer for a couple of their shows.

Mikron are a small theatre company. Their are four of them in the troop each year, all play multiple parts within the shows that they put on. They also are a traveling theatre company and travel the country on their narrow boat. Each season they put on two shows and this means that all four actors and their personal items, plus sets, costume and multiple musical instruments have to be able to fit on a narrow boat for the summer season. The actors set up the show each night, building the sets and have no stage hand to help them. This means that as a designer you have to be creative. How can you portray to the audience that the actor has changed character, and quite often changed century, with as little and as quick a costume change as possible?

Mikron - Beer StreetBeer Street

In 2011 I designed one of their show which is about the history of Beer called ‘Beer Street’. The colour pallet for this show was earthy colours influenced by the Beer the show was about.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger

In 2013 I designed the costumes for ‘Don’t shoot the Messenger’ a show all about the history of the Post office. This show is set within a modern day post office which has an armed robbery, but the robber gets stuck in the post office. To teach the robber a lesson the owners tell him the history of the post office and become the characters they are talking about as they go along. The brief for this show was all the costumes should be on the set from the beginning of the show, so should look like items you would find in a postoffice.