Much Ado About Nothing

Second Year Project on Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. I made for Beatrice. My work was inspired by dolls, reflecting the superficial “plastic” qualities of the characters.

The dress is asymmetric in shape, with a cowl in the right side. I have used strips of plastic and fabric encased in cellophane to make ribbon, which I then machine embroidered onto the dress. To make the ribbon have more volume I have put brim reed along the edges of some of it. This is how I have got the ribbon to curl in big loops on the left shoulder. I used a deep blue silk for the dress. This really helps to make the vibrant pink of the ribbon to stand out. I wanted this to help portray the vibrancy of Beatrice’s character. I also felt that her character would use costume as a barrier, something to hide behind. So by wearing flamboyant garments, she appears flamboyant on the surface, but is actually hiding her vulnerability behind the extravagance.